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Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, & Washington, DC

Structural & Foundation Waterproofing Systems

Count on Potomac Waterproofing of Manassas, Virginia, to deliver quality structure and foundation waterproofing systems for your home or business. We're the premier applicator of a range of Fluid Applied, Sheet Waterproofing, Membrane, and Air Barrier Waterproofing systems in the area. Our technicians are certified in the following products:

Foundation Waterproofing

Our complete foundation waterproofing systems protect the most expensive aspect of your home. We use Fluid Applied, Sheet Membrane, and Bentonite to protect your home's foundation from water damage.

Horizontal Waterproofing

Our Fluid-Applied and Sheet Membrane waterproofing systems make short work of horizontal spaces. Contact us today to learn more.

Air & Vapor Barrier Systems

Liquid emulsion vapor-permeable air barriers protect a range of spaces. Discuss your options with your technician to learn about its advantages.

Termite Inspections & Treatment

Our trained technicians can inspect your home for termites, point out areas of concern, and recommend treatment. We also offer termite killers applied to the perimeter or your structure and under slabs, including basements, porches, and garage areas.