Waterproofing on the outside safe on the inside




Potomac Waterproofing is Northern Virginia’s premier applicator of numerous Fluid Applied, Sheet Waterproofing Membrane & Air Barrier Waterproofing Systems. Our technicians are certified applicators of GMXW.R. Grace, Polyguard, Henry, Tremco, Carlisle and J-Drain products.

Foundation Waterproofing
We offer complete foundation waterproofing systems including Fluid Applied, Sheet Membrane & Bentonite (zero property line). 

Horizontal Waterproofing
Fluid applied or Sheet Membrane Waterproofing systems.

Air & Vapor Barrier System
Liquid Emulsion Vapor Permeable Air Barrier membrane.

Termite Treatment
Apply termiticide to perimeter of structure, under the slab areas including basement, porches, and garage areas.

Termite Inspection
Our Trained Technicians will inspect your home for termites, points of concern, and retreat if necessary.

We are among only a select few in the Mid Atlantic Region, who have earned the distinction as member's of the Air Barrier Association of America.