Waterproofing on the outside safe on the inside



Safety Program

Potomac Waterproofing, Inc Safety Program.                                                              


Potomac Waterproofing Inc. is dedicated to protecting the well being of all its employees or sub-tier contractors.  It is our goal to strive for zero incidents.
To help us reach our safety goal, we hereby establish the following guidelines  as company policy:

1. Each employee must comply with mandatory company safety meetings and is aware of OSHA minimum safety standards.
2. Under no circumstances will an employee of Potomac Waterproofing subject himself or fellow employee or anyone working on the jobsite to dangerous, hazardous, or unsanitary conditions stemming from the scope of his work or duties.
3. We strive to create responsible working conditions for all our employees.
4. Our employees are continually trained to report all unsafe working conditions to our safety manager and responsible jobsite manager.

5. Our employees are trained and tested to safely operate motor vehicles and job related equipment.

6. We encourage our employees during safety meetings to bring all matters that may enhance jobsite safety.

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We are among only a select few in the Mid Atlantic Region, who have earned the distinction as member's of the Air Barrier Association of America.