Waterproofing on the outside safe on the inside






Accelerate your construction schedule with Procor® Liquid Rubber System

Procor fluid applied membranes are two part, self-curing, rubber-based materials. The two parts mixed together onsite prior to use and are cold applied to the substrate. They cure within 24-48 hours and form a monolithic, flexible rubber membrane. Typical applications include foundation walls, tunnels, earth-sheltered structures and planters. Plaza areas, balconies, walkways and parking decks are examples of applications in split slab construction.



  • Bonds to damp or green concrete.
  • Fast Curing, even in cold weather.
  • Auto-vulcanizing rubber membrane.
  • 100% solids-chemical cured.



  • Spray the same day you strip forms.
  • Next day backfill--reduces liability.
  • Cold-applied elastomeric -- bridges cracks.
  • Non-shrink -- all-weather sprayable.


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