Waterproofing on the outside safe on the inside







Preprufe 300R Waterproofing Membrane: 


Generic Description


Heavy duty, multi layered composite sheet membrane comprising a 710 micron HDPE film, pressure sensitive adhesive and trafficable protective coating. 

Total thickness 1.2mm

Horizontal blindside waterproofing for all underslab applications and capable of accepting site trafficking and placement of rebar.


Preprufe 160R Waterproofing Membrane:


Generic Description


Multi layered composite sheet membrane comprising a 410 micron HDPE film, pressure sensitive adhesive and protective coating. 

Total thickness 0.8 mm

Vertical blind side or reverse tanking applications where the membrane is fixed to the soil retention system or adjoining structure before the structural concrete is poured.


Key Preprufe advantages over bentonite sheet membrane :


Chemical Resistance :  Preprufe is highly is resistant to salts, acids, alkali,  hydrocarbons and methane.


Bentonite is highly sensitive to contaminated soil and ground water.


Weathering  :  Preprufe can be left exposed for up to 40 days and is not affected by rain or ground water.


Bentonite will pre-hydrate if exposed to rain or ground water before confinement.


Wet/dry cycling : Preprufe is not affected by fluctuating ground water conditions.


Bentonite will dry out and will leak before rehydrating in fluctuating ground water conditions.


Hydrostatic Head Resistance : Preprufe will resist hydrostatic pressure up to 70    metres over cracks and joints in the concrete.


Bentonite has low hydrostatic head resistance which is reduced to zero if unconfined and exposed to voids, joints or cracks in the concrete,  soil retention system, or backfill. 


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